From a fast boil to a lazy simmer (same hotplate, different temperature zones.)
3 Ovens 102 Litres
esses unique surround heat
Sizzle steam or griddle
Deep load refuelling can wait
Unwavering oven temperatures for consistently great results
Performs at its best 24/7 365 days a year
Guaranteed to wood-fire a cooks imagination
Fuel goes further with our clean-burn technology

Product Measurements
& Technical Specifications

esse 990 hybrid dimensions

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ESSE 990 hybrid range cooker hob dimensions

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Wood Cooker
Heat output Radiant 5kW / D Hot Water 2.6kW
Energy Rated A+
Hotplate Variable heat zone (target) 300°c - 190°c
(Approx working temperatures after 30 mins from lighting/refuelling)
Bottom Oven Capacity 30ltr
Bottom Oven Dimensions Width 350mm, Height 200mm, Depth 450mm
Internal glass fire door With primary & secondary air control
Firebox Accommodates 360mm logs
Hourly burn rate for max output (wood with less than 20% moisture) 1.5kg / D 2.4kg
Flue 6 inch
Clearances from combustibles
Side - above hob 100mm
Side - below hob 20mm
Rear - above hob 350mm
Rear - above hob if an addition of a 180° stainless steel rear flue shield is fitted from the top of the flue box to the ceiling 175mm
Rear - below hob 20mm
Electric Cooker
Electricity supply 1 x 13Amp 220-240V
Cast Iron Hotplate 330mm, Suitable for direct to hob cooking, will accommodate 3 pans
Domed Lid Creates a ‘steam & sizzle’ cooking environment
Top Oven Capacity 42ltr
Top Oven Dimensions Width 350mm, Height 300mm, Depth 450mm
Full width grill Integrated
Bottom Oven Capacity 30ltr
Bottom Oven Dimensions Width 350mm, Height 200mm, Depth 450mm
External Control Panel Cable 1.5m
External Control Panel Dimensions Width 350mm, Height 110mm, Depth 65mm
Power usage 0.32kW in standby/slumber mode at room temperature
Accommodates Oven Dish 442mm x 340mm
Heat up times from slumber
Top oven from 155°C to 240°C 20 mins
Bottom oven from 70°C to 175°C 17 mins
Cast iron plate from 150°C to 400°C 38 mins

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