Wild Leek and Garlic Rarebit

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ESSE Recipes March – A Welsh Spring
This cheeky twist is a classic, simple and easy to make but such a winner it has to be done.


  • Bread for toast
  • 100g Organic mature cheddar type cheese
  • 50g Organic butter
  • Either a handful of wild leeks and wild garlic or some well shredded and very well washed organic leeks.
  • 50g Organic plain flour
  • 1 teaspoon English (Or Welsh!) mustard
  • 1 pt Local dark beer
  • Salt and pepper


Wash and chop whatever veg you have decided to use, in this case I will be using 3 cornered leeks and wild garlic. Briefly fry them with the butter in a sauce pan and then add the flour to make a roux, add the mustard and then add the beer a little at a time to make a very thick sauce. Beat in the cheese until a smooth paste is formed. Season very well and set aside.

Toast bread, place mixture on the bread and grill under a hot grill or in a fierce oven, the Fire Stone would work very well here. As a variation you could do this as a folded pizza?

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