A golden opportunity to celebrate Great British success!

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Barnoldswick-based Master British Stove Maker ESSE has presented Gold Medal-winning slalom canoeist Joe Clarke with not one, but two gold stoves from the company’s new colour collection. The 24-year-old shot to fame when he won the men’s slalom K-1 event in Rio this August.

ESSE has been hand-building cast iron range cookers and stoves since 1854, which have been used by the likes of Shackleton, Scott, Florence Nightingale and – more recently – the River Cottage team, Kate Humble and more.

The Lancashire company recently unveiled a host of new colour options on its British-built stove collection, including Ruby, Ash White, Iron Grey, Bronze and Gold.

Sales Director Mark Blewitt explains: “In honour of the Olympic and Paralympic Athletes completing their homecoming parade last weekend, we thought it would be a good opportunity to commemorate Joe’s success in our own unique way!

“In the days before the Manchester parade, we presented Joe with a wood-burning ESSE 1 stove and an award-winning electric ESSE Solo, both finished in ESSE’s new Gold colour option. The Solo may seem simply like an elegant design feature, but it is also a powerful heater in its own right.

“We carried out the presentation at Joe’s brother’s showroom in Milwich; Luke Clarke runs Justoves with business partner Justin Kirkman and is one of our very valued ESSE retailers.”When ESSE heard there were no plans for gold postboxes this year, we were pleased to celebrate Joe’s success with two gold stoves instead. He also mentioned that his favourite food is pizza, so we were able to offer him a special deal on an outdoor ESSE wood-fired oven too! As Britain’s oldest stove manufacturer, we were pleased to team up with one of the country’s finest sportsmen in such a Great British partnership.”

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