ESSE’s clean-burning new 550SE

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ESSE 550SE woodburning stove christmas surround

Tall, dark and handsome: ESSE’s clean-burning new 550SE is the natural choice for city dwellers in search of a ‘future-proof’ solid fuel fire this Christmas.

ESSE has been invited to London to explore how to improve the Capital’s air quality as the Master Stove Maker expands its range of ‘Smoke Exempt’ solid fuel stoves designed to operate in smoke control zones nationwide.

Many of the UK’s towns and cities are designated smoke control zones where only DEFRA-approved ‘Smoke Exempt’ solid fuel appliances may be used. The latest stove to join ESSE’s ‘Smoke Exempt’ collection is the 550SE.

The Lancashire-based manufacturer was recently invited to discuss proposals from Mayor of London Sadiq Khan for tightening up emissions standards in the city.

Media reports at the time suggested the Mayor was planning to ban wood-burning stoves in the Capital but after ESSE questioned the logic of a blanket ban, Mr Khan clarified his remarks and invited representatives from ESSE to London to discuss his plans to improve urban air quality.

Tall, dark and handsome, the new 550SE features cleaner lines, new longer legs and an oversize clear glass window offering an enticing view of the natural flames dancing within.

The unfussy new door design plus longer stove legs – inspired by the iconic ESSE Ironheart cook stove – combine to create a minimalist look that’s bang on trend for an urban industrial chic feel.

Ideal as the focal point of a modern open-plan living space, study or as the centrepiece of a cosy lounge, the 550 has an energy rating of ‘A’, and ESSE’s trade-marked clean burn technology enables it to be fired in smoke exempt zones throughout the UK.

With a maximum output of 5kW – ample to heat a large family room – the 550SE is economical to run and has both primary and secondary air wash controls for precision adjustment of the burn rate and keeping the viewing screen clear.

Mark Blewitt, Sales Director at ESSE said: “ESSE’s design and development team are right at the cutting edge of heating technology.

“At the core of this, is anticipating new emissions standards before they become legal requirements. This is exactly what we have done with our appliances.

“We have been conscious of the effect multi-fuel stoves can have on air quality for several years and because we export ESSE products worldwide, when it comes to emissions, we need to be ahead of the game – not just in the UK but around the world.”

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