ESSE retailer goes back to the future with new wood-fired cookery school

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Leading kitchens and interiors manufacturer and retailer, British Stoves, is preparing to take students back to first culinary principles with a series of masterclasses on cooking with fire.

The classes at British Stoves’ purpose-built new Cookery School will highlight the strengths of wood-burning range cookers and help prospective customers make the most of these versatile appliances.

But unlike the smoky stoves of the past, British Stoves is using state of the art wood-fired range cookers featuring the latest clean combustion technology developed by Master British Stove Maker ESSE.

These advanced wood-burning stoves retain the traditional artisanal feel of a solid fuel stove, but their environmental impact is minimal – especially when using wood from sustainable sources.

British Stoves’ proprietor Stephan Kohn explained: “With the new Cookery School, we are aiming to demonstrate techniques that get the best results from solid fuel ranges to prospective owners. We won’t be teaching customers to boil an egg or slice an onion, but they will learn lots of hints and tips to produce some truly sumptuous food.

“We’ll also be challenging a few misconceptions about the realities of owning a range cooker which may have been passed down the generations: such as the amount of work and mess involved in keeping a range fully fuelled.

“And as well as welcoming prospective customers, we will also be running demonstrations for retailers and kitchen designers who want to improve their understanding of the latest solid fuel cooker technology.”

Located in the basement beneath British Stoves’ 400m2 showroom, at Remscheid, near Wuppertal, the 50m2 cookery school is equipped with six ESSE wood-fired range cookers to ensure pupils get a real ‘hands on’ experience.

The wood-fuelled ESSE 990 range cookers installed at the school feature patented clean-burning technology that is unique on the market. The 990’s twin catalytic converters minimise emissions by re-burning smoke particles produced by the range cooker when lit and the team at ESSE believe it is probably the cleanest-burning solid fuel cooker in the world.

ESSE Sales Director Mark Blewitt explains: “When we launched the ESSE 990, we put it through CE testing (to ensure it met our high standards) and we were delighted when the independent inspector told us it was the cleanest-burning appliance he’d ever tested.

“The EU standard for CO emissions is currently 1% maximum, with some countries asking for less than 0.3%. The ESSE 990 was assessed at 0.01% CO! With regulations on emissions from wood-burning appliances due to be tightened even further in 2022, we are proud to have designed such a ‘future-proof’ appliance.

The first wood-fired cookery masterclasses take place week commencing September 9. For further information on the British Stoves Cookery School in Remscheid, please contact Stephan Kohn at British Stoves:

00 49 21914221136

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