ESSE launches its cleanest ever woodburning stove

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esse 175 b and 175 f wood stoves

Clean burning new ESSE 175 exceeds incoming Ecodesign requirements by up to 83 per cent without compromising output or burn control

ESSE is launching the cleanest burning stove it has ever built – the contemporary new ESSE 175.

Available as two models, with classic feet or a stylish solid base, the ESSE 175 delivers 5kW of heat output and its clean, contemporary design is in keeping with a range of interior design styles – from rustic rural cottages with inglenooks to minimalist free-standing installations.

The ESSE 175 uses a three-stage combustion process to extract every last bit of energy from each log burned. Incorporating ESSE’s innovative Particulate Reburn™ Technology the ESSE 175 reignites gases and particles to minimise emissions while maximising heat output.

The ESSE 175 also features ESSE’s unique Precision BurnTM technology, delivering precise control of air circulation and the ability to fine tune the combustion rate at every stage of the burn cycle.

The ability to control the intensity of the fire and speed of combustion improves the efficiency of the stove whilst reducing the running costs and emissions.

The results of independent testing show the ESSE 175 is the cleanest burning stove ESSE has ever built, surpassing all the latest targets for carbon monoxide (CO), nitrogen oxides (NOx), hydrocarbons and dust particles.

The ESSE 175 is the result of more than 160 years’ experience in the design and manufacture of unmistakeably British stoves. With its minimalist contemporary design, precision burn control and low emissions, the ESSE 175 is the clear choice for the 21st century.

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