ESSE Launches Exclusive New Cookware Range

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ESSE casserole dish and griddle pan cooked food

British-made quality cast iron pans and casseroles are designed for use with both electric and wood-burning stoves and range cookers

Master stove maker ESSE has launched a range of cookware that complements the even, consistent cooking qualities for which its cooking stoves are famous.

The new cookware range includes a cast iron casserole dish which includes a ridged lid that doubles as a griddle – ideal for imparting some colour to meats or vegetables prior to roasting.

For dedicated griddling, the circular griddle pan is the ideal partner for everything from searing steaks and seafood to chargrilling asparagus or aubergine with bistro-style flair.

The cookware is designed for use in both the ovens and fireboxes of ESSE wood-burning and electric range cookers and cook stoves and also works perfectly with ESSE induction hobs.

And because the cast iron holds its heat much longer than steel or aluminium cookware, it’s perfect for taking casseroles or roasts to serve at the table, where it will keep food warm long enough for second helpings.

Designed for durability and longevity, ESSE’s cookware is pre-seasoned, needs minimal care and maintenance and will provide years of faithful service.

And as a final flourish, ESSE has also commissioned some exclusive hob lid covers which – as well as retaining heat in the hobs – double as insulated towels for handling hot pots and pans. Available in round and rectangular designs, the covers will fit both traditional circular and more contemporary hob lids.

All three products are available from ESSE retailers or direct from the the cookware page here.

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