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ESSE 990 ELX electric range cooker kitchen

Innovative new 990 ELX provides extra space and versatility for creative cooks to express themselves

ESSE’s exciting new 990 ELX electric cooker offers double the hob space to allow creative cooks to take their cooking to the next dimension.

Combining the convenience of electricity with the versatility demanded by professional chefs, the innovative new 990 ELX delivers the proven performance of ESSE’s best-selling electric products with the latest cooking innovations.

A versatile hob, three ovens and a full-width integrated grill mean the 990 electric range cooker will never cramp your cooking style – whatever the recipe and however many dinner guests you’ve invited.

The all-new hob is designed with the committed foodie in mind, with a large steel hotplate for direct heat cooking alongside a three-zone induction hob that provides instant heat on demand.

A natural evolution of ESSE’s proven 990 EL, the ELX incorporates a three-zone induction hotplate for instant heat on demand and a large plancha-style steel hotplate.

The all-new rectangular heat-conserving hotplate covers incorporate recessed hinges to maximise usable hob space while doubling as easily cleaned splashbacks.

The new induction hob offers fingertip control for precision cooking while the large steel plancha-style hotplate opens up a whole world of new possibilities.

Cook drop scones or flatbreads direct on the large, flat cook-plate, char-grill vegetables for extra flavour or steam and sizzle meat and fish with bistro-style flair. Alternatively, if additional hob space is needed, the steel hotplate will comfortably accommodate a multitude of pans.

In line with the rest of ESSE’s electric product range, the 990 ELX offers rapid heat-up times (less than 20 minutes from Slumber mode to 200˚C) and a programmable timer for the ultimate in efficiency and control.

In day-to-day use, the 990 is reassuringly energy-efficient thanks to the performance of the patented oven’s fast heat-up time from slumber mode and power share technology – which directs energy only where it’s needed.

It can be used in any kitchen with a double plug socket and because it does not require a chimney or flue – the 990 ELX can be positioned almost anywhere – including as a free-standing ‘island’ unit.

From melt-in-the-mouth meringues and slow-cooked stews to deliciously crispy roast potatoes, this cooker is a true all-rounder; a modern classic that’s ready to plug in and get to work in any setting – from country farmhouse kitchen to contemporary open plan studio diner.

ESSE 990 ELX highlights:

Three induction zone hotplates with finger-tip control

  • Large 485mm x 455mm steel ‘plancha’ cooking plate
  • Heat-conserving hotplate covers that double as splashbacks
  • ‘Weightless’ recessed cover hinges to maximise hob space
  • Room for SEVEN pans on the hob
  • Even cooking from patented ‘heat surround’ engineering
  • Independently controlled hob, ovens and grill
  • Rapid heat-up times
  • Vented moisture control for perfect baking and roasting results
  • Full-width grill
  • Warming oven
  • Available in 20 vibrant colours – including modern matt finishes

It’s all about cooking

ESSE is the first choice for professional chefs, food writers and enthusiastic amateur cooks around the world. You’ll find our cookers in Michelin-starred restaurant kitchens and cookery schools where reliability and consistency really matter.

The 990 ELX will boil, braise, simmer, roast, fry, griddle and sear simultaneously – there’s no need to juggle a host of secondary appliances like griddles or steamers to get the results you want – the 990 ELX takes care of it all.

The ESSE’s voluminous ovens – deliberately designed for depth rather than width to retain heat – can be used independently and incorporate ESSE’s unrivalled surround heat engineering for even baking results every time.

Both top and bottom ovens feature patented wraparound elements and a ‘wall-to-wall’ grill element and all ESSE electric range cookers incorporate a moisture control vent which maintains humidity for baking or vent moisture for the crispiest of roast potatoes.

ESSE’s patented surround heat system is designed to ensure the elements in our electric ovens provide similar cooking qualities as our wood-burning stoves.

The large thermal mass of ESSE electric ovens provides a stable and even temperature and the oven surfaces are evenly heated by the electrical elements positioned around the oven to replicate the even heat characteristics of a solid fuel range cooker.

The control panel for ovens and hob is neatly housed behind the upper left door.

Temperatures are consistent throughout the space, so there’s no need to turn dishes during cooking and they can even be placed directly on the base of the oven to cook.

So the 990 ELX offers the convenience of electric power with the style, elegance and amazing roasting and baking qualities of a solid fuel ESSE range.

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