Closer To Nature: ESSE’s New Cook Stoves Bring a Little Luxury to Living Off-Grid

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New ESSE Bakeheart and Warmheart

ESSE’s best-selling Ironheart cooking stove has a loyal following worldwide. From Alpine chalets to the Australian Outback, the Ironheart’s unique combination of durable British design, robust build quality and dependable performance has made it the first choice for wood-fired cooking and rustic baking enthusiasts around the world.

Equally at home in a farmhouse kitchen in the country, a log cabin by the lake or a remote retreat in the wilderness, ESSE’s iconic wood-fired Ironheart has been joined by a pair of compact siblings which share its DNA.

Like the Ironheart, the new Bakeheart and Warmheart offer much more than a standard log-burner – these practical and versatile cook stoves provide a reliable source of heat, sustenance and comfort wherever it’s required.

Launched at River Cottage HQ in Devon, the Bakeheart and Warmheart embody the very essence of ESSE: everything we know about cooking and heating distilled into a range of beautifully simple stoves.

The new Bakeheart is an elegantly proportioned wood-fired stove that provides room-filling radiant heat, a graduated temperature cooking hob and a generous baking oven. Its smaller sibling – the compact Warmheart – is the perfect heating solution for a cottage kitchen or remote backcountry bothy.

While their rugged cast-iron design and simple styling may give the impression that ESSE’s Ironheart family has been around for decades, these British-built cook stoves employ our latest clean combustion technology to achieve A+ energy efficiency ratings.

Using the same principles as our best-selling Ironheart, with a clear view of the dancing flames through the glass door to the firebox, the wood-fired Bakeheart and Warmheart provide ample heat to cook for the whole family.

And while our standard range cookers are designed to contain heat, the Ironheart family incorporate convection panels that radiate warmth out to heat the whole room – just like a traditional wood-burning stove.

Designed to accommodate dry, seasoned logs of up to 360mm (14in)
length, both the Warmheart and Bakeheart can be installed pretty much anywhere to provide a reliable, ‘off-grid’ source of heat for extended periods.


Bakeheart Black Front AxeThe new Bakeheart provides a graduated temperature cooking hob, a racked firebox for cooking over direct heat and a generous oven that bakes simply divine bread and cakes.

ESSE’s unique heat transfer stove technology efficiently channels heat from the firebox into the 32-litre oven and hob, bringing them up to cooking temperature within 30 minutes of lighting.

The graduated temperature hob offers additional heat control, with the heat reducing from 300˚C in the centre zone down to 190˚C at the outer ring.

Combine with a domestic boiler and this 5kW stove is a wellspring of hot water while the hob and oven can cook a limitless range of wholesome and hearty dishes from warming casseroles to heavenly home-baked bread.

Whether it’s providing heat and hot water in a bothy up in the mountains
or wood-fired pizzas on the verandah at the beach house, the Bakeheart can
be counted on to deliver heat and sustenance, day in, day out.


Warmheart grey roomset with panThe compact Warmheart wood-fired cooking stove is the perfect heating solution for a bijou country cottage or remote backcountry bothy.

Using the same principles as our best-selling Ironheart, the wood-fired Warmheart provides ample heat to keep things warm and toasty while a casserole bubbles away on the hob or a couple of steaks sizzle in the firebox.

No gas or electricity? No problem. The Warmheart comes into its own in an off-grid environment, making it the perfect choice for heating a bolthole in the outback or a cabin
in the woods.

Whether it’s providing heat and hot water in a remote mountain hut or char-grilled trout after a day’s fishing on the lake, the Warmheart can be counted on to deliver heat and sustenance, wherever and whenever you need it.


  • Cast iron graduated temperature hotplate ranging from 190°C – 300°C
  • Off-grid heating and cooking – no mains services required
  • Compatible with domestic boiler
  • Generous 32-litre oven capacity (Bakeheart)
  • Simple air control
  • Powerful 5kW heat output
  • Suitable for use in smoke control areas
  • Efficiency rating of 82.3%
  • Energy Rated ‘A+’

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