British patent confirms unique design of ESSE’s wood-burning technology

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ESSE 990 hero kitchen set

Master British Stove Maker ESSE has had a patent granted on the technology behind its beautifully balanced wood-fuelled 990 range cooker. This confirms ESSE’s assertion that this clean-burning range cooker is like no other available today.

The 990 can now proudly boast ‘patented technology’ with reference to its twin catalytic converters. These are used to clean the emissions and re-burn smoke particles produced by the range cooker when lit, and the team at ESSE report that they would be very surprised if this wasn’t the ‘cleanest-burning solid fuel cooker in the world!’

Sales Director Mark Blewitt explains: “We are incredibly proud of the design and technology that has gone into our 990 range cooker and having our patent granted further illustrates our commitment to hand building the best range cookers in the country and beyond, as we have since 1854.

“When we launched the wood-burning ESSE 990, we put it through its CE testing (to ensure it met our high standards) and we were delighted to be told by the independent inspector that it was the cleanest-burning appliance he’d ever tested.

“The EU standard for CO emissions is currently 1% maximum, with some countries asking for less than 0.3%; the ESSE 990, by comparison, was assessed at 0.01% CO! With regulations on emissions from wood-burning appliances due to be tightened even further in 2022, we are proud to have designed such a ‘future-proof’ appliance.

“The ESSE 990 has proven extremely popular since its launch, with customers across the globe appreciating its many benefits. This four-door range cooker has three capacious ovens and an easy-to-access firebox for easy refuelling. It features ESSE’s biggest cast iron hotplate, with different temperature zones for added flexibility. Like all our cast iron, enamelled range cookers, it maintains very even oven temperatures – as good for rich and flavourful roasts as for melt-in-the-mouth meringues – and is available in a choice of 20 different colours. The firebox has a secondary glass door which gives a clear view of the flames and is perfect for allowing more welcoming warmth and light into the kitchen on drizzly days.

“Homeowners might also choose the ESSE 990 CH (central heating) model which can provide piping hot water and complete household warmth as well as delicious meals. With your own fuel supply, the energy-efficient 990 CH can virtually take you ‘off the grid’; it can power several radiators and its impressive thermostatic control means that their temperature will be automatically maintained.”

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