Installation Check-List

Maintenance —
New wrapped cast iron range cooker

By now we hope your installer has shown you how to successfully operate your new ESSE.

In order for the registration of your warranty to be processed smoothly upon receipt of your Warranty Registration Card, we would like you to check your installer has fulfilled the following installation requirements:

  1. Carried out and recorded a flue draught test which confirms the flue is working correctly.
  2. Fitted a suitable chimney cowl – a rain cap with a bird guard suits most installations. Alternatively depending on the results of the flue draught test an anti-down draught cowl might need fitting.
  3. Provided a removable inspection door int he flue to allow the chimney to be cleaned at a later date and thereafter at regular intervals.
  4. Positions your ESSE within the correct distances to any combustible materials, so it can operate safely.
  5. Provided adequate ventilation for you new ESSE.
  6. If a boiler is fitted, check the domestic hot water system is thoroughly sealed and is working properly.

Please check the information on the Warranty Registration Card is correct, to ensure your warranty can be validated.

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