Cleaning and Care

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cooking chapatti on the cast iron hotplate

Ovens and Cast Iron Hotplate

Your ESSE is easy to clean and requires minimal effort to keep it looking good. Tedious oven cleaning will be a thing of the past as ESSE ovens self-clean and only require occasional brushing our with a wire brush. The hotplates must be kept clean for maximum efficiency. This is particularly important after making toast as any crumbs left on the hotplate will interfere with contact between the hotplate and the base of saucepans. A brisk sweep with a wire brush or a quick polish with a tea towel is all that is needed but take care at the edges of the hotplate to avoid scratching the enamel cooker top.

Enamel Surfaces

A daily wipe with a damp cloth will keep the enamel cooker top looking pristine. Wipe up any spills or splashes on the enamel with a damp cloth as they happen to save them becoming baked on. Using the floor of the top oven for messy tasks such as frying eggs will help avoid grease splatters on the top plate. If required, an enamel cleaner may be used on the cooker but remember to allow it to stand for a few minutes after application for best results, also a glass scraper can be used carefully. Do not use any other product on your ESSE as the enamel may get damaged.

Stainless Steel Lids

These can be cleaned by wiping a damp cloth before drying with a soft cloth or tea towel. Do not use any other cleaners on the lids as they may scratch. It’s best not to place heavy items on top of the lids as they may scratch or dent. When placing plates or dishes on top of the lids, use a folded tea towel or padded cover to avoid marking the surface.

Electric Ovens and Electric Hob

Ovens can be cleaned using normal oven cleaners.
The hob should be cleaned daily with Hob Brite when cool. Any major spillages should be carefully removed immediately. High sugar spillages and melted plastic etc can be removed using a spatula or palette knife. Do not use scouring agents or wire wool on the hob as they will cause damage to the hob surface.

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