Cleaning an ESSE range cooker with a paint finish

Maintenance —
ESSE Matt paint finish

When the cooking stove is first used fumes may be observed, this is a normal part of the curing process and will disappear after several hours of use.

Spills should be mopped up immediately with a damp, lint free, cloth, oven cleaners should not be used on the surface. The exterior can be dusted with a brush.

The surface will rust if moisture is left on it. To season the oven or hotplate, we recommend a light vegetable oil spray is used. Remove any stubborn stains with a wire brush.

The exterior of the cooking stove is painted with high temperature resistant stove paint and over time it may become necessary to renovate the exterior by repainting. The surface must be prepared by rubbing down. The stove paint will not adhere to the surface if there are fat deposits or food particles on the area to be resprayed. High temperature resistant stove paints are available in aerosol form from your cooking stove dealer or from ESSE. Do not use this paint until the cooking stove is completely cold and always follow the instructions on the container before starting to paint. The usual precautions should be taken, such as covering adjoining surfaces and protecting hob lids.

The polished hob lids are made of high chrome. The lids can be wiped clean with a damp cloth and proprietary chrome cleaners may be used. Abrasive cleaning products are not to be used.

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