Fires u pin seconds with ESSE auto-ignition
Two doors, one standard: Hand-built the traditional way in Barnoldswick, Lancashire
Ancient Modern, A 21st Century stove built on 160 years' experience
A stove for the city. Approved for smoke control areas.
Iron Cast Engineered to last
Top flue?Or Rear flue? It's up to you.
Clean burning stoves? Ours have been for over a century

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& Technical Specifications

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Construction Steel / Cast Iron
Flue Outlet Top or rear, 5" (125mm)
External Riddling? Yes
Suitable for Continuous Burning? Yes
Pre-heated Secondary Airwash? Yes
Afterburn™ System? Yes
Operating range (depending on fuel type & settings) (KW) Up to 7.5
Additional Room Vent Required? Yes
Efficiency Test Data
Energy Rated A
Fuel Logs
Output KW EN13240(ST) 7.5
Efficiency 81%
CO Emmissions Corrected to 13% O² 0.16
Fuel/Hr Kgs 1.8
Flue Temperature Mean °C 244

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