ESSE Cooking

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Wood, Oil and Gas models

As with any cooker, it takes time to get used to the way your ESSE works.

Some things will cook faster than you might expect and other things more slowly. When you cook a recipe for the first time, take note of how long it takes to cook and whether the cooking time is longer or shorter than you expected. This will help to plan cooking times when making similar dishes in the ESSE.

The ovens are evenly zoned and are slightly hotter at the top than the bottom. The heat in the middle will reflect the temperature that the cooker has been set at. Because of this small temperature variance, food can be moved up or down the cooker to find exactly the right spot for it to cook to perfection. To grill or brown food, place it at the top of the main oven as close to the roof of the oven as possible. Alternatively, steaks, chops and fish can be grilled in a ridged cast-iron grill pan on the floor of the main oven. Although you can use your ESSE in exactly the same way you would a conventional oven by setting the control to an appropriate temperature, the ovens do cook differently and there are many advantages over conventional ovens, as the food is bathed in radiant heat from all oven surfaces.

Electric models: Whilst these models use electric elements, the ovens have been designed to emulate the indirect cooking process as closely as possible and many of the cooking methods used on our gas, oil and woodfired models can be achieved.

Indirect heat – the secret ingredient to outstanding cooking
Heat flows around the outside of the ovens through a series of heavily insulated flue ways. This heat is then transferred to the oven interior through conductive walls producing an even, gentle heat.

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