Quality cast iron range cookers and energy-efficient woodburning stoves

Built with pride in Britain, and supported by a heritage that goes more than a century and a half

ESSE is the UK's longest-standing stove manufacturer but is still at the cutting edge of the industry thanks to its innovative cast iron range cookers, energy-efficient wood-burning stoves and stylish gas stoves.

The knowledge and skills developed over more than a century and a half, go into everything we do and ESSE range cookers and stoves are hand built to last a lifetime - just ask one ESSE owner, whose cast iron ESSE range cooker has been in continuous daily use since 1920!

From River cottage to the Himalayas, Australia to the Arctic, and everywhere in between... ESSE range cookers and stoves have been relied upon in the world's most demanding environments. Read More »






ESSE Fire Stone
ESSE Centre

ESSE Centres

To view live cookers and compare different models and fuel types, you might want to visit one of our ESSE Centres - where you're guaranteed to find at least three different styles of ESSE cooker. On the dealer locator, ESSE Centres are distinguished by a gold banner like the one on the image above.

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April 26th, 2014
St Georges Day Food Festival
Cooking on Fire Stone outdoor wood oven at St Georges Day Food Festival... read more